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Tulane and Louisiana Enjoy Bowl Hospitality


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Every college bowl game comes with a few perks for the players.  New clothing, a gift suite, sometimes even a tour of a local landmark. For the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, the city itself can be the perk for most teams. This year’s bowl features two “local” teams, both hometown Tulane and Louisiana who came in from Lafayette, only 120 miles to the west.

R+L Carriers and the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation welcomed both teams to the bowl week with a players’ party held at Shamrocks, a local game stop in New Orleans.

Games, Food, and Memories

The Shamrock is one of those college places with pool tables, ping pong, video games, darts, air hockey, and a menu full of great bar food. Tuesday night Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns and Wednesday night Tulane’s Green Wave players were welcomed to Shamrocks for an exclusive players only party.

The young men from New Orleans and Lafayette enjoyed a buffet dinner, complete with New Orleans jambalaya, plenty of chicken wings, pizza, and lots of desserts. Players and coaches enjoyed music and games for few hours.

Overhead at the Shamrock

“What a great time!”

“Practice is going to hurt after all this food!”

“Thanks R+L for a great party, we are having a great time so far.”

“The folks from the Bowl committee have treated us great, we really appreciate all of this.”

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